Designers' Collection

Nazare sectional sofa


Highly tailored sofa with luxurious feather infused cushioning to provide a soft relaxed seating experience. Feather & fibre back cushions. Maxxi wrap seat cushions. Cast matt black metal legs.

Dimensions - 3160 long with 2300 return. 960 deep. 830 high.

Fabric required - 24.5 metres of plain railroaded fabric per sofa.

Can be custom-designed to fit your client's space.
Can be made as a straight sofa.
Cast metal legs can be powder-coated or painted the colour of your choice. 

Designed by Designers' Collection and made in New Zealand.

As seen on ArchiPro.

Selecting the Right Piece

Well designed and skillfully crafted furniture is an investment.  You want to select pieces that meet your needs and are well engineered so that you get many years of enjoyment from them.

- Think about your style
- Think about its role
- Think about who is going use the furniture

If you're stuck, we'd love to help. Talk to us here!

Furniture Care

Significant skill and effort has been expended designing and tailor-making your furniture. With careful maintenance your furniture will give you many years of enjoyment.

Please click here for out more details on how to take care of your pieces.

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