We take great pride in designing and making your furniture.  With the proper care, we want to see it give you great enjoyment for many years.

Here are some simple tips to help you keeping your furniture looking good ...


Solid wood will serve you well when kept at ambient room temperature.  Avoid exposing it to sources of heat and dry.  Positioning solid wooden furniture in direct sunlight, close to heaters, fires or dehumidifiers and central heating will heat and dry solid wood putting it under considerable stress.  This can cause it to crack or open up the joins between laminated planks.  We can not guarantee solid wood furniture placed in these environments.  Repairs to furniture under these circumstances will be at the owners cost.


Avoid leaving water sitting on wooden furniture.  Spills should be wiped up with an absorbent cloth when they occur.  Water left sitting on solid wood and wood veneer surfaces can damage the lacquer surface.  Be particularly careful with drinking glasses that are left with moisture under their bases particularly water glasses left on bedside table as the condensation in hotter months can damage the surface.  We strongly recommend the use of non-absorbent drinks coasters on bedside tables.


Wooden surfaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  For stubborn dirt, use a mild detergent such as dish wash liquid with warm water.  Do not use silicon based cleaners as these penetrate the wood surface making them difficult to re-surface in the future.  Wax can be used to add extra protection to heavily used surfaces.  Contact our team for recommendations on waxing wooden surfaces.

Steel can also be cleaned with a damp soft cloth and if necessary use a mild detergent as above.

Glass can be cleaned with you usual domestic glass cleaners.

Stone is best cleaned initially with a damp cloth.  Stone cleaners and re-sealers are readily available to maintain your marble and other stone surfaces.


DO NOT ...

Drag objects on hard surfaces.  Lift objects - do not drag them!  Grit can accumulate under objects and scratch surfaces if objects are dragged.

Place Hot Dishes directly onto wooden surfaces as this can result in marking.  Use place mats and coasters.