Engaging a designer

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Engaging a designer

Some people find engaging an interior designer to be an intimidating process.  

We are in the fortunate position of working with leading interior designers throughout New Zealand and overseas.  We get a first hand view of the value that they add and how much they can assist you with all the decisions involved in creating the interior you desire.

The interior designers we deal with have considerable expertise.  They take the time to understand your style and lifestyle to develop a clear vision for your interior.  Nicola Manning from NM Design sums this up - "We listen.  We interpret.  We offer solutions.  That's our purpose.  We provide a full-service design process, an enjoyable experience and an interior that results in happy clients."

A carefully selected interior designer will enable you to enjoy an interior that is coherent with all the elements working together.  They have considerable knowledge of what products are available across the market.  They will eliminate options that don't work with your interior vision making decision-making easier, more time effective and ultimately saving you money.

Many interior designers will manage your project for you using relationships that they have established with trusted suppliers and trades people.  Interior designers and architects will often push you beyond your comfort zone.  In our experience, this often results in the aspects of your home that you most enjoy.

So don't hesitate to engage a designer.  They can make your project less stressful, more enjoyable and add significant value to your home.


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