Our craftspeople are passionate about their contribution to your furniture and like us, want to see it give you many years of pleasure.

Regular maintenance is required to extend the life of your upholstered furniture and to keep it looking as good as new.

Vaccuum your upholstered furniture to remove dust and dirt that can will degrade the quality of your fabric.

Turn & rotate cushions on sofas and chairs regularly to even the wear.

Blot spills off furniture immediately when they occur using a paper towel or clean cloth.  Do not rub the spill as this can cause it to stain.

Upholstered furniture can be spot-cleaned or commercially cleaned.  We recommend contacting a professional cleaner to do this.  You will need to check the cleaning instructions for your fabric first.

Fluff up feather & down cushions to shakes the feathers free and to stop them compacting.  This will extend the life of your feather cushion inners retaining their softness and loft.  In damp and humid seasons, feather & down cushions can absorb moisture.  Place cushions in a warm place to dry them out.  This will air the inners and return their loft.


We regularly re-upholster our furniture as fabrics near the end of the lives.  Our frames are designed to last you a lifetime.  At the time of re-upholstery, we will check the quality of your cushion inners and recommend if they need to be replaced.


When moving your furniture, it is best to lift it - do not drag it.  This avoids putting undue stress on frames and legs and will also be better for your floor surfaces.

Be careful not to press your knees into the upholstered panels on furniture when shifting it, as this can stretch the fabric or disrupt the fixing of upholstered panels.

If your furniture is being placed on delicate surfaces such as polished floors, we recommend using felt pads under your furniture. If dining chairs are being placed on wooden floors we recommend using fixed felts. We can add these if requested at the time of order.