Travel Trunk by Lewis & Wood

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Travel Trunk by Lewis & Wood

Like many who have broken the shackles of the last three years restrictions, Lewis & Wood felt it was once again time to go travelling!

They have captured the spirit of their travels by putting together this group of global prints inspired by five different cultures.


Based on Indonesian tie dye technique that results in coloured dots surrounded by white rings.

In the single stripe the colouring is reversed to add a bit more interest.


Based on an Indian Ikat, the design printed on matelassé and adding a Kantha quilt running stitch.

Printed in 3 strong and 4 soft colourways.


An abstract all over pattern based on an early 20th century Nigerian resist print, executed using yam starch.

Named Minna after a town in Nigeria renowned for agriculture and textiles and Maze because it feels like a jigsaw.


This single colour design is based on the simple borders found on Samarkand Suzanis from Uzbekistan.

Available in nine colourways.

WOMAD LG 50 & 100

Originally created by Su Daybell – the Tetbury-based artist and antique dealer extraordinaire for Lewis & Wood’s ENGLISH ETHNIC Collection in 2013.

It’s been relaunched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WOMAD by reversing the colouring.  Available in two and 50% or 100% scale.

These Travel Trunk designs are also available as wide-width wallpapers.

Let us know if you would like cuttings of any of these designs.

Designers’ Collection work closely with D&F NZ who represent the following textile houses exclusively in New Zealand: Decortex Firenze, Fortuny, Gaston y Daniela, Guell Lamadrid, Les Creations de la Maison, Jason D’souza and Lewis & Wood. Follow D&F @dandf_nz 

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