A sofa for all occasions ...

We love the challenge of designing furniture for clients with wildly different aesthetic and functional needs.

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A sofa for all occasions ...

We love the challenge of designing furniture for clients with wildly different aesthetic and functional needs.

Our sofa portfolio has evolved to deliver a broad paradigm of styles from more classic to more modern while at the same time catering to a wide spectrum of personal comfort needs. 

Comfort is such a personal thing.  What one person finds comfortable, the next doesn't.  By providing a wide range of sofas, each designed to provide a different seating experience, we aim to meet the needs of many individual clients.

Here's a reminder about a variety of our sofa designs ...

VIKTOR (pictured above)

One of our newer designs, the Viktor has an uncluttered simplicity for clients wanting a more minimalist look.  The modular design can be adapted to fit their individual floorplan.  It is a design that also lends itself to a corner sectional configuration.  The multi-layered foam seat and feather infused back offer comfort without the addition of back cushions.  However, it also offers you a blank canvas to add your personal creative touch with your own cushion configuration. 


One of our classic designs that many of you will be familiar with.  The Amari sofa has delighted clients for many years.  It's classic lines work in numerous settings whether fixed upholstered or with a loose cover as shown.  This sofa is universally comfortable - clients of all sorts of different stature find it very comfortable.  When they sit in it in our showroom, we often get an "Ahhhh" reaction as they respond to the soft accessible seating and high back support.  The Amari can be made as a corner sectional and a sofabed. 


An ideal sectional sofa for clients wanting relaxed seating in more casual living or entertainment areas.  The gently tailored frame is complimented with ultra-thick "Maxxi" feather-wrap seat cushions and feather infused backs.  These provide soft indulgent comfort with a balanced structure to maintain a streamlined look.  The Nazare is a very flexible design.  We can design a layout to fit your floorplan.  The Nazare also works well in the conventional two-arm sofa format.


Another Designers' Collection classic, the Belgravia sofa is our interpretation of this curvaceous English genre.  The finer detailing contemporises this more traditional design without compromising its heritage.  This is one design where we recommend pure feather seats to deliver the sumptuous softness that this design deserves.


A finer sofa design with a trim lofted frame on stiletto legs.  The seat cushions are sculptured to create a crisp connection with the sofa base.  The layered back cushions deliver relaxed support.  We designed the seat height & depth to suit many clients seeking a contemporary sofa that would provide comfortable seating for them and their guests.  The Cole sofa can also be made as a corner sectional sofa.

We currently have all of these sofas on display in our showroom for your viewing pleasure.  You can view our complete sofa range here.

Do let us know if would like more information about any of our designs.

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